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Introducing a professional, secure, and AI-powered resume builder to craft your perfect resume!

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One of Kind

The development of the Elegant Resume Builder spans over two years of dedicated effort, driven by a sincere personal passion. It incorporates a variety of meticulously designed ideas and features, making it truly distinctive in the realm of resume builders.

Free Resume Builder at ElegantResume

GPT Powered

Are you facing difficulties in crafting the perfect words for your resume? Our AI resume builder is here to assist, swiftly locating them for you! Fueled by OpenAI's ChatGPT, the most advanced language model globally, it has the ability to effortlessly generate text that mirrors human writing. Bid farewell to writer's block as you effortlessly generate the initial draft of your resume within mere seconds.

No Data Collected

Our AI-powered resume builder prioritizes your data security. Unlike traditional platforms, your data isn't collected; instead, your data is always under your control, ensuring exclusive access and unparalleled privacy.

Free Resume Builder at ElegantResume
Free Resume Builder at ElegantResume

Like Word,

Better Than Word

Create a standout resume effortlessly with our AI powered resume builder, offering customization in fonts, styles, and layouts. Ideal for recent graduates, seasoned professionals, or career changers, our intuitive tools help you arrange sections, add bullet points, and showcase achievements – all with the familiarity of Microsoft Word.

More to Explore

Explore an array of advanced features in the Elegant Resume Builder. With intuitive design, you can craft a standout resume effortlessly, capture attention and propel your career forward.

No user tracking

No user tracking

No data collection

OpenAI Integration

Save in browser

Save in hard drive

Save in Google Drive

Manage multiple resumes

Customisable layouts

Customisable date format

Fonts from Google Fonts

Fit to one page

Resume format check

Resume writing check

Resume tailor

Resume translation

Interview Response Generator

35 resume templates to choose from

Single/multi page resumes

Export To PDF

Export To Word

Export To JPG

Supports A4/Letter page formats

Light or dark theme

Available in 2 languages

and many more...

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